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Ambush Airsoft offers a variety of events for both experienced skirmishers and those just wanting to try things out (for stag parties, birthdays, etc.). Full Rental Kit (gun, camo coveralls, mask) is available. A regular skirmish is held on the third Sunday of each month and you can book most other weekend dates, subject to availability.

Ambush Airsoft has facilities many airsoft venues don’t offer – covered seating areas in two safe zones, flushing toilets, purpose built scenarios (as well as natural woodland areas) and a small on site shop (orders can be placed in advance to ensure that what you want is available on the day!).

The Rules

Airsoft is a game of honesty as there is no paint splat mark, however BB strikes can hurt so please take your hits once someone has you in their sights as the weapons are all capable of being fired on fully automatic and its rare that you get hit just the once. Round for round its less painful than paintball but you do tend to get hit a lot more.


You need to wear at least a minimum of CE rated eye protection and its encouraged that you wear a full face mask, although this is personal preference. If you are under 18, its mandatory. Players must be aged 16 or accompanied by an adult.